Forthcoming stories in Anthologies

I’ve had a bit of a slow start to the writing year due to home-schooling, better known as the 7th circle of hell!

But some good things are in the pipeline. I have stories in some forthcoming anthologies, which I can’t wait to share with you later in the year!

My work will appear in The Crossing the Tees anthology, this year’s Reflex Fiction anthology and Mainstream , published by Inkandescent.

I’m still working on my Flash Fiction collection, almost at the editing stage and I’ve also almost finished my short story collection, Seascapes , which will be going out on submission very soon!

So, lot’s going on , albeit much slower than planned! And my poor neglected novel is STILL waiting patiently and quietly in the corner. I WILL get to it this year.

It’s been another weird and awful year, so far, for many of us, I do hope things improve – they MUST improve ??? I hope you’re all finding pockets of time in which to write. I saw a tiny drop of Spring sunshine this weekend. Brighter days are coming!

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