A Great Run!

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Sometimes writing can leave you throughly exhausted! Back at the start of May I had a real whinge on twitter about how I was feeling stagnant as a writer and how I was thinking of dialling down the time I gave it .

The Gods heard my moaning and, in a fit of sympathy, decided to make me look like a right idiot by blessing me with an almost golden run of writing luck! What can I say – it was both brilliant and mortifying! Lesson learnt , stop whinging , keep writing and enjoy the good times when they roll!

So what happened?

Well, after my first ever win with Crossing the Tees, I then went on to win the Retreat West Themed Competition with my story ‘Python Parlari’.

This was swiftly followed by a THIRD PRIZE Win for my story ‘Breathe’ which is now published over at TSS Publishing.

And Finally I achieved a dream goal by having a story make the BATH flash fiction longlist!

June has been a VERY exciting writing month for me and my confidence has now shot through the roof!

I have added the links to ‘Breathe’ and ‘Python Parlari’ in my Flash Fiction tab for you all to enjoy. Heres to the next few months, hoping they are just as successful. I can only hope!

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