Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction has, over the years, become a real passion of mine! You can draft out 300- 500 words pretty quickly so it’s great for getting into a daily writing habit! But Flash does require a little more skill than that, so recently, I’ve been trying hard to hone my flash skills and really concentrate on the art of writing with brevity. I’ve been reading craft books and attending workshops and am thoroughly enjoying exploring this niche genre. You can read an interview I gave to LISP about my writing life in general and my approach to writing flash here.

I’m so excited to tell you, I’m currently working on my first Flash Fiction collection! Hopefully I’ll be ready to send it out on submission by the end of the year!

I often run the Writers HQ Flash Face Off evenings, which are great fun and I was delighted when Writers HQ asked me to write my own Top Ten Tips For Writing Flash Fiction! You can read them right here!

I have also co-written a new Flash Fiction Course for Beginners via Writers’HQ which you can sign up for here! https://writershq.co.uk/beginners-flash-fiction/

I have written some craft essays for Writers HQ which you can find below

Flash Fiction Without the Pain https://writershq.co.uk/ten-top-tips-for-writing-flash-fiction/

Writing Flash Fiction https://writershq.co.uk/structuring-flash-fiction-beginnings-endings-and-the-soggy-bit-in-the-middle/

Imagery in Flash https://writershq.co.uk/imagery-in-flash/


Flash Competitions and Publications

Below you’ll find links to a selection of my recent Flash Publications. Huge thanks to all of the editors who have chosen to publish my work, It’s always a real honour to see my words in print.

SHH BAIRN – This story can be found in the wonderful Forge Literary Magazine

I recently came SECOND in The Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction with my story SEA FRET You can find out more about the award by clicking on the link.

BREATHE – this story took THIRD prize in the TSS Publishing Flash Fiction Competition.

PYTHON PARLARI – this story won FIRST prize in the Retreat West Themed Flash Competition

TORN OUT WISHES – Proud to say I came THIRD with this story in the HISSAC Flash Fiction Competition 2020

BLACK DOG – first published by Ellipsiszine

SEA SHANTY – Semi Finalist at LISP

NONE OF THEM SAY YOU – chosen for Flash Flood 2020 / Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Lunate Fiction.

BLANK SPACE – First published by Virtualzine

AMEN – First published by Reflex Fiction

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