Kathy Hoyle

Writer. Dreamer. Creator.


Kathy Hoyle is a North -East lass who came to writing late in life after spending over twenty years as Cabin Crew. She wrote essays in hotel rooms around the world until she finally graduated from The Open University with a BA (hons) in Creative Writing and Literature. She then went on to complete an MA in Creative Writing at The university of Leicester and graduated with distinction. She loves to write short stories and has a passion for Flash Fiction. She can often be found hosting Flash Face Off, a weekly flash evening held by Writers’ HQ

Kathy’s work has appeared in a variety of anthologies and literary magazines including Spelk, The Forge, Lunate and Ellipsiszine and has been shortlisted in many competitions including The Exeter Short Story Prize and the Fish Memoir Prize.

Her Flash Fiction has been nominated for both a Pushcart Prize and a BIFFY and she is currently working on her first collection.

She is an experienced copywriter and book reviewer and she also loves to ‘pay it forward’ so, she often mentors new writers. She also offers a feedback and critique service to emerging and established writers alike. You can find a list of her publications and editorial services in the menu.

  • A Great Run!
    Sometimes writing can leave you throughly exhausted! Back at the start of May I had a real whinge on twitter about how I was feeling stagnant as a writer and how I was thinking of dialling down the time I gave it . The Gods heard my moaning and, in a fit of sympathy, decided to make me look like a right idiot by blessing me with an almost golden run of writing luck! What can I say – it was both brilliant and mortifying! Lesson learnt , stop whinging , keep writing and enjoy the good times when theyContinue reading “A Great Run!”
  • Winner!
    Well it may have taken several years but I am finally delighted to tell you all that I have actually won a writing competition! 🙂 https://twitter.com/CrossingtheTees/status/1386752273376808961?s=20 Hurray! I took first prize in the Crossing the Tees Short Story Award and I’m delighted, not least because it’s a working class story set in my beloved North -East, so it’s very close to my heart. Recently I’ve been turning back to my roots more and more, and finding inspiration from the place I call ‘home’. I am currently researching the stories, language and lifestyles of fishwives on the North – East coast,Continue reading “Winner!”
  • Forthcoming stories in Anthologies
    I’ve had a bit of a slow start to the writing year due to home-schooling, better known as the 7th circle of hell! But some good things are in the pipeline. I have stories in some forthcoming anthologies, which I can’t wait to share with you later in the year! My work will appear in The Crossing the Tees anthology, this year’s Reflex Fiction anthology and Mainstream , published by Inkandescent. I’m still working on my Flash Fiction collection, almost at the editing stage and I’ve also almost finished my short story collection, Seascapes , which will be going outContinue reading “Forthcoming stories in Anthologies”
  • Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    It’s hard to imagine things getting better right now. As a New Year dawns the world is still gripped by the pandemic and anger and fear seem paramount. I try to find solace in writing but new challenges already abound! We are back to homeschooling and by day 2, already fraught! Teaching a primary school-aged child is like trying to wrestle a cat into a jar. To exhaust matters further we made the ( completely insane? ) decision to get a much longed-for puppy. Gorgeous as he is , we may well have underestimated the amount of hard work aContinue reading “Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉🎉”
  • Reflex Fiction
    I’m delighted to have a flash fiction story ‘The Complex Art of Matriarchal Duplicity’ published at Reflex Fiction today – this story was longlisted in their Autumn competition and will appear in next year’s anthology! You can read it here … https://www.reflexfiction.com/the-complex-art-of-matriarchal-duplicity-flash-fiction-by-kathy-hoyle/