Well it may have taken several years but I am finally delighted to tell you all that I have actually won a writing competition! 🙂


I took first prize in the Crossing the Tees Short Story Award and I’m delighted, not least because it’s a working class story set in my beloved North -East, so it’s very close to my heart.

Recently I’ve been turning back to my roots more and more, and finding inspiration from the place I call ‘home’. I am currently researching the stories, language and lifestyles of fishwives on the North – East coast, with a view to expand my short story collection.

I’m also pleased to tell you that my Flash Fiction Collection AND my novella- in-Flash are both in the late-editing stages and I hope to send them out on submission very soon.

In the meantime I’ll be having a glass of fizz and treating myself to some new books with my prize money!

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